Ankara Türk Telekom Sosyal Bilimler Lisesi


Türk Telekom Social Sciences High School was established in 2004 in order to train highly qualified scientist in the fields of social sciences and literature. We as a school, aim to raise a multicultural society conscious generation for a peaceful and better future.
We know that knowledge and research is key to achieving this mission, so we enable our students to learn Turkish and other languages at a level that can follow scientific, cultural and technological developments.
We also know that to help the future we must learn the past and to see the lessons told in its dusty pages. So, we try and create an environment for our students to understand the past and arouse common feelings between the generation then and now.
We understand that art has a major role in understanding and helping our society. For this we encourage our students who are intrested in art to create new projects and produce knowledge as well as teach them Turkish art and culture.
With our mission set and our eyes focused on our goal of creating a prosperous Turkey, happy people and a world at peace. For ASBL to be at the core of this ideal world, we are advancing towards our vision day by day and step by step.


AnkaMUN22 Logo

AnkaMUN ’22 is the third of its kind in ASBL’s history ever since our first conference our mission had always stayed the same: to unite people that have different views and different characters. Provide them with an environment where they can find solutions together to current world events and overall allow them to socialize while demonstrating their communication skills.
Our aim, our vision is to: make the younger generation aware of the current world problems, while allowing them to develop their language and academic skills and to teach them to negotiate and produce possible solutions even under negative circumstances.
Lastly, we should not forget that, as the youth, we are the future of this world. And we have a responsibility to educate ourselves for the betterment of society. So, let us take a step and unite under the phoenix for our common goal of a better future and a better world.